Start A Juice Bar
Helping you open a Profitable Juice Bar

Start A Juice Bar is the world’s first juice and smoothie bar consulting agency. This company helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch, run and scale successful and profitable juice bar businesses. For a decade, they have assisted in everything from concept development and business planning to menu design and on-site planning.
Start A Juice Bar

Helping you open a Profitable Juice Bar

The Background

Consumer trends in the food and beverage industry change fast. Really fast. Whether it’s veganism, low-fat, gluten-free or high protein, the reality is consumers are in the driving seat for product development. But getting on-trend products to market before consumers move on to the next best thing is challenging. Businesses must rethink new product development times as well as formulations to keep up with innovation.

The Challenge

The challenge here was to promote Start A Juice Bar’s thought-leader position in the market and drive users to segment-level solutions to help them meet rapidly growing consumer trends. Start A Juice Bar needed to grow awareness of their formulation solutions and drive sales amongst the smoothie bar industry.

The Solution

We helped transform their marketing to be digital-first and content-centric. At the same time, we’ve transitioned from a pure B2B approach to speak more broadly to consumers and influencers. While we continued to produce top-notch digital content and social media campaigns.


With thousands individual website views per day, this was a highly successful project for Start A Juice Bar. The segment-specific reports drove awareness amongst their target sectors and generated high conversion rates, with over 200 conversions. Overall, the campaign created sector-wide awareness of industry issues, consumer trends and more importantly, Star a Juice Bar’s formulations as the sought-after solution.
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