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Full Service Agency for Webshops, Branding and Digital Development

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We’re a team of designers, developers and digital marketing experts eager to overcome any obstacle for our clients.

We have offices in Berlin and Bali with a global workforce engaged to deliver against any client need. We’re passionate about bringing beautiful work to life; through design, development and delivering optimal results for our clients through careful research, development and execution.



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We work on complex digital products that are mission critical to our clients and their customers. We deliver multilingual responsive websites, apps, portals, e-commerce sites and conversational interfaces. If it’s a digital product, we can design and build it.

Working collaboratively with our clients is key to the success of any digital project. Getting the insider view, an understanding of the big issues your people and departments are looking to overcome, and sharing the insight they’ve gathered by being part of the day-to-day provides us with an invaluable starting point.

We help companies of all sizes create tangible relationships between brand and user, through unique and ownable motion, interaction and visual design.

1. Grow incrementally & cost-effectively
SEO is a great way to build your audience organically over time, with a more palatable level of investment for many small businesses–and unlike traditional advertising, the benefits of investing in SEO can last beyond the duration of the campaign.
2. Attract a more engaged audience
Making sure your brand is in front of people who are actively looking for products like yours is much more effective at driving engaged users than other digital channels. Advertising is brilliant for driving awareness, but if you’re trying to grow engagement, SEO is the way to go.
3. Good SEO and good UX go hand in hand
These days, the overlap between optimisations that improve SEO and those which improve user experience is huge. By investing in organic search, you’re also investing in a better website for your users and helping to future-proof your business.
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01. Make a Request

Select your package, answer some questions and get ready to get started.

02. Meet Our Team

You will be matched with our experts and creatives required to complete your request. Receive your calendar and milestones report to see the work in progress.

03. Get Results

Once your e.g. website is complete and finalized we will transfer "backend" access to you and introduce you to your CMS (content management software).  weeks.

Our Professionals

About us

Defina Creative Director
Defina Surmadji
Creative Director

A self-taught artist and graphic designer who brings passion and personality to every bit of work she touches.

MartinDrendel 741.studio
Martin Drendel
Digital Development

Martin Drendel is a web developer and digital marketing specialist generating content to increase awareness of services & products.

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