The New Standard.

From brand strategy and brand name to design, global multichannel campaigns and sales enablement, 741 Studio launched an exciting website for SP ROBOT.DE as a key of successful business technology’s platform. And, with the power of digital marketing strategy, we put SP ROBORT.DE in another new level.

The New Standard

The Background

SP ROBOT.DE is a global leader in the technology and robot manufacture of process automation systems. After several years of global research and development, SP ROBOT.DE was preparing to launch a new digital sorting platform that truly delivered on the market’s need for innovation. Not just another evolution, mind you – a revolution akin to moving from flip-phone to smartphone.

The Challenge

The launch of this platform represented a major game changer for SP ROBOT.DE, and it needed to generate significant excitement around its introduction. 741 Studio was charged with developing the website, brand identity, and launch campaign – as well as training and sales enablement tools to empower SP ROBOT’S organization to effectively and rapidly increase the sales.

The Solution

We focus on developing the website to give the customers and prospect and experience like none they’ve ever had from a shorting digital marketing provider. For the first time, we let customers experience an interactive website that is designed for people that appreciate high end technology.


The launch of the new website was nothing short of transformational for SP ROBOT. The teaser campaign delivered response rates as high as 2.1% – 300X the industry average. The teaser landing page and microsite immediately delivered sales opportunities. . For the whole show, our leads were about 25% higher than the average leads this event historically delivered. In just the first two weeks of the launch campaign, we generated 2/3 of the total leads projected for the entire initiative – and then delivered nearly 120% of projected leads in only four months.
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