Fahrlässig-Shop, based in Nürnberg, Germany,

Despite having a robust product catalog, Fahrlässig-Shop faced several challenges in the digital landscape:
Fahrlässig Shop

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The Background

Fahrlässig-Shop, based in Nürnberg, Germany, is a dynamic e-commerce platform that offers a diverse range of products to its clientele. While the shop had a strong product lineup and a commitment to quality, its digital presence was not fully optimized to capture the vast online market.

The Challenge

Despite having a robust product catalog, Fahrlässig-Shop faced several challenges in the digital landscape:

  1. Sub-optimal page performance affecting user experience and search engine rankings.
  2. Inefficient plugin configurations causing potential site slowdowns.
  3. Inadequate product descriptions, meta descriptions, and alt texts, leading to missed SEO opportunities.
  4. A user experience that wasn’t streamlined for optimal conversions.
  5. Limited visibility on Google My Business and for crucial product-related keywords.

The Solution

Understanding the unique digital needs of Fahrlässig-Shop, we embarked on a comprehensive optimization journey:

  1. Page Performance Enhancement: We revamped the site’s performance, ensuring faster load times, smoother navigation, and an overall enhanced user experience, making it more favorable in the eyes of Google Search.

  2. Plugin Optimization: By streamlining and optimizing the plugins, we ensured that the website functioned seamlessly without any unnecessary lags or glitches.

  3. SEO Overhaul: Every product on Fahrlässig-Shop was meticulously optimized. This involved crafting compelling meta descriptions, alt texts, and other on-page SEO elements to make each product stand out on search engines.

  4. User Experience (UX) and Flow: We redesigned the user journey on the website, focusing on intuitive navigation, clear product information, and a streamlined checkout process. This not only enhanced the user experience but also played a pivotal role in boosting sales.

  5. Google My Business & Keyword Optimization: We optimized Fahrlässig-Shop’s profile on Google My Business and honed in on crucial keywords related to the business and its products, ensuring top-tier visibility.

  6. Backlink Strategy: Recognizing the importance of domain authority, we embarked on a backlink campaign targeting directory links and other authoritative sources within the niche and industry. This bolstered the website’s credibility and search engine rankings.


Our holistic approach bore significant results for Fahrlässig-Shop:

  1. Enhanced Page Performance: The website now offers a seamless browsing experience, leading to longer user sessions and reduced bounce rates.
  2. 10% Sales Increase: With the improved UX and flow, the shop witnessed a 10% surge in sales over just two months.
  3. Prominent Visibility: Fahrlässig-Shop now enjoys top rankings on Google My Business and for a myriad of product-related keywords.
  4. Strengthened Online Credibility: The

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