Oceanic Escapes

At Oceanic Escapes, we're devoted to orchestrating immersive, global experiences through our comprehensive multisite projects, inviting you to delve deeper into our work and discover the magic we create in some of the world's most enchanting locations.
Oceanic Escapes

In our collaboration with Oceanic Escapes, we've embarked on an ambitious, multisite project that spans across some of the world's most beautiful and untamed coastlines.

The Background

As a global yacht charter company, Oceanic Escapes sought to enhance their clientele’s high-class experience by offering seamless access to their expansive fleet. In pursuit of this vision, they required a tech-savvy agency capable of creating a robust and user-friendly platform that could effectively manage and showcase their vast array of luxury yachts worldwide.

The Challenge

The challenge involved harnessing the power of Elementor and WordPress for website design, integrating Airtable for robust data management, and creating a distinctive brand identity to harmonize with Oceanic Escape’s luxurious and adventurous ethos.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we focused on the following key strategies:

  1. Brand Development: We curated a distinctive brand identity for Oceanic Escapes that seamlessly blends luxury with adventure, resonating with the company’s vision and its discerning clientele.
  2. Website Design and Development: Utilizing the versatile capabilities of Elementor and WordPress, we crafted an intuitive, visually appealing website that showcases the vast array of Oceanic Escape’s yacht fleet, making navigation easy for users.
  3. Data Management: By integrating Airtable, we established a comprehensive data management system that effectively organizes and displays the details of the global fleet, ensuring accuracy and ease of access for both the company and its clients.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our team implemented robust SEO strategies to enhance the website’s visibility and rankings, making it easier for potential clients to discover Oceanic Escapes and its offerings.
  5. Performance Tracking and Updates: Post-launch, we continue to monitor the website’s performance, optimizing it based on user behavior and feedback, and ensuring its ongoing alignment with the latest SEO trends and algorithms.


The comprehensive solutions we provided significantly elevated Oceanic Escapes’ online presence, resulting in a surge of new clientele and a marked increase in charter bookings. The powerful synergy of improved brand identity, an optimized, user-friendly website, and robust SEO strategies have proven instrumental in scaling their business to new heights.

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