Katharina Kisser
Transform the way you look, move and feel...online.

Katharina Kisser have designed this program to “bridge the gap” between typical bodybuilding programs and Crossfit style programming in order to make athletes who are both strong, fit and structurally functional.
Katharina Kisser

Transform the way you look, move and feel...online.

The Background

Top-level personal trainers offer their professional opinions on the most common challenges new trainers are likely to face and, more importantly, how to successfully overcome them. Focus on the client’s needs and establish expectations for the trainer-client relationship. This demonstrates that the trainer is a professional and will go a long way toward improving the trainer’s image and boosting business.

The Challenge

At fitness industry training, the challenges are to build a strong passion and trust between the trainer and the client. Especially during the Covid situation all around the globe.

With that situation Katarina Kisser needs to put more techniques and strategy to approach more clients and engage with them to build better communication on day to day training sessions.

The Solution

741 Studio worked with Katharian Kisser to build a best practice digital marketing from the ground up, with a technology stack and bold creativity at the core, including:

  • A comprehensive database in Austria.
  • A thought-leadership position and a reputation for reliability.
  • A creative strategy to support the brand position and respond to market needs.
  • A suite of dynamic content and digital experiences/tools to support prospects at every stage of the buyer journey.
  • Campaigns integrating digital advertising, digital direct/email, events, PR, social and web platforms.


The “Smarter Approach” has enhanced Katharina Kisser brand position as the leader in the field of port automation, dominating the industry news agenda and placing them in a prime position to profit her business. This story is one of a long-term marketing approach now yielding long-term business success. Katharina Kisser’s marketing systems are now essential to the company’s business model, sales process and the future of the whole business.
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