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Discover our collaboration with TCM expert Karin Lorenz, featuring web design, SEO, online marketing to strengthen her practice in Austria.
Karin Lorenz

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The Background

Karin Lorenz, a dedicated and experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), operates her own thriving practice in Austria. Driven by a passion for helping her clients achieve optimal health and well-being, she sought to create a website that accurately represents the essence of her TCM work. Her main goal was to develop an online platform that not only showcased her expertise but also provided valuable resources and information on the benefits of TCM to a wider audience. By doing so, Karin aimed to expand her reach, inspire others, and promote the transformative power of TCM in improving people’s lives.


The Challenge

The overall challenge in creating Karin’s website was to design an intuitive user experience and implement a technical setup that would facilitate strong search engine rankings. Our approach focused on crafting a seamless user journey, enabling visitors to easily navigate through the site, access valuable TCM resources, and ultimately connect with Karin’s services.

To achieve this, we implemented a robust technical framework optimized for Google, ensuring the website’s visibility to potential clients. Additionally, we integrated email sequences and targeted ad campaigns as key strategies to drive traffic and convert new clients. These combined efforts have allowed us to create an online presence that not only represents Karin’s TCM work but also effectively engages and converts her target audience.

The Solution

We successfully developed a range of tailored solutions to meet Karin’s unique goals and requirements, which can serve as inspiration for others seeking to enhance their online presence:

  1. Custom website design: We created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that reflects Karin’s brand identity and showcases her expertise in TCM.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO): We employed on-page and off-page SEO strategies to improve the website’s visibility on search engines, making it easier for potential clients to discover Karin’s practice.
  3. Engaging content creation: We produced informative and relevant content that highlights the benefits of TCM, positioning Karin as a knowledgeable and trustworthy expert in her field.
  4. Email marketing integration: We set up an email marketing system to nurture leads and maintain communication with existing clients, promoting continued engagement and loyalty.
  5. Targeted ad campaigns: We designed and implemented data-driven ad campaigns to attract a wider audience and generate more qualified leads for Karin’s practice.

By employing these strategies, we were able to create a comprehensive online platform that not only highlights Karin’s TCM work but also effectively drives growth for her practice.


Following the implementation of our tailored solutions, Karin’s website has experienced significant improvements in user engagement, online visibility, and lead generation. The intuitive design and seamless user journey have led to an increase in time spent on the site and overall visitor satisfaction. The SEO optimizations and targeted ad campaigns have resulted in a substantial boost in organic traffic and a wider reach for her TCM practice. The combination of engaging content and integrated email marketing has contributed to higher lead conversion rates and strengthened client relationships. As a result, Karin’s online presence now effectively showcases her TCM expertise, and her practice continues to experience growth and success within her target market.

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