iRise Drink
The Smartest Drink on the Market

iRise is a 100ML Plant based beverage naturally formulated for after sport, after alcohol, or after work, to recover the body quicker and get 100% fit again. To grow their business, 741 Studio created the website and managed all the marketing promotion and put customers right in the middle of the action to taste and experience this healthy drink.
iRise Drink

The Smartest Drink on the Market

The Background

iRise Drink has a mission is to help you feel your absolute best so the customer can continue focusing on what they want to get out of life.They offer them full of nature’s goodness; designed for the hard worker, the go-getter, the sports person, and the hard working parent.

The company was poised for explosive growth – but, the business had grown and outpaced the brand. Its visual identity and voice didn’t represent the dynamism and spirit of its innovation in the market. iRise Drink wanted (and needed) was an infusion of energy, color, passion and attitude that manifest its promise and potential.

The Challenge

How do we tell the iRise Drink story and make customers care deeply about something that they rarely give a moment’s consideration? Bringing attention to this product would require a formidable strategy, one that tapped into the emotions and hearts of customers and communities.

The Solution

We rebranded iRise Drink with the more exciting design and concept. Leveraging insights from deep qualitative research with customers and harnessing the trend. We showed how iRise Drink’s platform and products give everyone the power to experience the real healthy drink and cause positive change.

The new iRise Drink brand was vivified through a new logo, brand identity and design system, website, collateral environmental design, launch events and more. The new branding – featuring stylish design and colors – represented how Irise Drink were powering people and community performance. The iRise Drink brand was fresh, energized, different, bright and vivid – just like the drink itself.


The results were also unbelievably powerful. Leads increased 23% in just six months since rebrand, and the company doubled its workforce and expanded into Asia. The iRise Drink website saw a more than 25% increase in visits, time on site increase 29%, and page views increase 45% and bounce rates decrease 61%.
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