Help fight poverty, pollution and climate change.

The BDV is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation helping communities and governments manage their waste properly is vital if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Waste management has a powerful and positive impact on people’s well-being.

Help fight poverty, pollution and climate change

The Background

Around 1 in 3 people globally don’t have decent waste management. Pollution caused by waste harms people’s health and the environment, and damages the local economy. In contrast, an affordable waste management system is relatively simple to implement, improving the environment, creating jobs and protecting public health – particularly for children.To spread the awareness of waste management value from BDV ,741 Studio provides the necessary marketing strategy to show people that the waste issue should be taken seriously. The marketing campaign delivered some fantastic results and the customer response was the biggest reward of all.

The campaign “FACE YOUR WASTE” emphasized the uniqueness of BDV’s message – they provide more value in the growing global community of waste collectors, recyclers, repairers and upcyclers, helping people towards a sustainable future with enlightening solutions suited to their particular paths.

The Challenge

Our strategy was clear: connect BDV to aspiration. We would then connect that brand-level, issues-driven awareness down to sector specific demand campaigns. But with fewer resources and bigger competitors leading the market, getting BDV’s voice heard would not be easy.

The Solution

As a digital marketing agency, 741 Studio has unlimited possibilities in achieving client’s goals. Nonprofits should be able to use techniques and opportunities for a smooth workflow of our digital strategy/ activities. Efficient marketing strategies will help them work on a tight budget and reap extreme benefits from small resources. Creating a new” face” of BDV is a guarantee that our client’s business will be reachable to thousands and millions, spread across the world.


With double the amount of site traffic post-event, 50,000 video views via new website and social media, more than 550k impressions in additional combined media, and up to 20% CTR for content, the impact of the campaign was clear to see. “FACE YOUR WASTE” generated excitement, engaged customers and enabled BDV to position themselves as a leader amongst their competitors, bringing a new era of solutions-based waste management with them.
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